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Unified Comms

The convergence of maturing technologies including IP communications, digital devices, mobile technologies and faster wired and wireless networks is creating a more efficient business environment. Equipping the organisation with a more versatile, interactive and collaborative way for staff, suppliers and customers to communicate, enhances the agility of business, improves the way customer contact is managed and offers a range of productivity tools. As business seeks strategies to become more flexible and responsive, unified communications and mobile technologies make a strong claim for being the technologies that have become available at the right place at the right time.

Skype for Business will translate meetings into 40 languages - 14 Jul 2016

From Microsoft is bringing the dream of the Star Trek universal translator to businesses later this year with the launch of a new beta feature that offers live captioning of Skype for Business meeting broadcasts in 40 languages. Using Microsoft's Bing Translator technology, speakers will be able to talk ... read more..

Skype for Business will give businesses Surface Hub-like collaboration on a budget - 17 Mar 2016

From CIO Microsoft wants to help businesses bring their meeting rooms into the future of videoconferencing without spending a whole lot of dough. That's why it announced two new Skype for Business initiatives aimed at getting existing technology connected to its work communications service. The first, codenamed Project Rigel, is ... read more..

Time to market could be reduced if companies used existing unified comms technologies better - 02 Feb 2015

From Companies are missing a trick by failing to use unified communications and collaboration (UCC) tools to optimise their supply chains. In a survey of 150 IT decision makers at medium-to-large organisations, Computing found that UC tools were mainly being deployed internally rather than externally. While supply chain management could definitely benefit ... read more..

IBM Analytic Answers Delivers Predictive Analytics Service in the Cloud (OpinionWire 9 November 2012) - 09 Nov 2012

Mobility Integration is a Major Challenge for ITOrganisations are moving beyond the traditional means of connecting with existing and potential customers. Similarly, they are exploring different avenues to fulfil the ever-increasing needs for reductions in the cost of IT, greater productivity and better employee engagement. As a result, in most ... read more..

Informatica Eases Development and Consumption of Cloud Integration with iPaaS (OpinionWire 14 September 2012) - 14 Sep 2012

Meeting Business Objectives with an Enterprise-Wide Application Integration StrategyApplication integration is an enabler of many strategic initiatives and business-critical functionality, including application modernisation, B2B e-commerce, data synchronisation and reduction in the cost of IT. Given the strategic role that integration plays in the realisation of desired business results, it is ... read more..

The collaboration imperative: executive strategies for unlocking your organisation’s true potential - 21 Jun 2012

13 June 2012, NCC Executive Briefing Round Table Dinner The focus of this event is on why collaboration is becoming a critical business process and how an effective collaboration strategy can improve team productivity and transform business models. ... read more..

No. 7: Collaboration - 08 Feb 2012

A collection of recent NCC research, thought leadership articles, events, webinars and videos, to help those interested in professional development get up to speed with the key management issues in the use of collaboration tools including social media, SharePoint, workflow and BPM software.These technologies promise to help us collaborate ... read more..

Integrated business communications - adds real value to business strategies - 25 Nov 2011

integrated business communications The age old imperative for businesses to do more with less in order to maximise profits has never been more applicable than it is today. John McGee, COO at Thunderhead, explores the real value from a fully integrated communications and technology strategy. With senior management often focused ... read more..

Governance, Risk and Consumerisation (Edinburgh University) - 02 Nov 2011

Understanding and addressing the security and legal risks of using personal devices 02 November 2011, Networking Seminar Download the presentations Michael Dean Will Roebuck Daniel Dresner ... read more..

Delivering business value from social media and collaboration tools (The Trades Union Congress, London) - 27 Sep 2011

Download the presentations from the NCC Autumn Conference here. Companies such as Virgin, Dell, Amazon, and the BBC, to mention just a few are all known as successes in harnessing the power of social media for business. However, they all sell or deliver directly to consumers. How about businesses ... read more..

Oh how the mighty have fallen! - 20 Sep 2011

tomorrows technology today And in this case I dont mean that the market cap of Apple is now significantly larger than the market cap of Microsoft and Intel combined. (Its 215.15 + 110.06 billion versus Apples 346.38 as I write this.) Rather, since smartphones and other handheld devices are where ... read more..

Delivering business value from Social Media and Collaboration Tools - 17 Aug 2011

NCC's Autumn Conference 27 September 11. Ian Jones, NCC's Head of Research Content, talks about our upcoming Members Conference. ... read more..

No.3: Mobility, Unified Comms, VDI - 10 Aug 2011

A collection of recent NCC research, thought leadership articles, events, webinars and videos, to help those interested in professional development get up to speed with the main management issues around mobility, unified comms and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).Consumer devices like smartphones and tablets are nowdominating the workplace often introduced ... read more..

iPhone tracking - a software developer’s perspective - 14 Jun 2011

Back in April it became public knowledge that iPhones appeared to be tracking the location of their owners. In the ensuing months there have been various bits of legal action started. Apple has issued a beautifully written and watertight FAQ to pour oil on the troubled waters and smooth the ... read more..

Unified communications: are you asking the right questions? - 14 Jun 2011

unified communications Adam Knight, looks at how IT departments should shift focus from infrastructure to services and users, to make the most of unified communications. For many people unified communications (UC) remains a divisive term. UC continues to have a variety of meanings attributed to it across the IT and ... read more..

'Always on' must always be safe in the age of consumerisation - 14 Jun 2011

securing consumer technologies Our business and personal lives are merging faster and faster as businesses and employees embrace the always on, always available culture. We want to work and play in the same space, using the same devices just look at the appetite for Apple iPad 2, which faced ... read more..

Are smartphones endangering security? - 14 Jun 2011

mobile security Smartphones are spreading throughout the business world. Their use is growing, not just with top executives, but with employees at all levels. Ian Kilpatrick exposes the security concerns According to Gartner, smartphone sales to end users accounted for 19% of worldwide mobile device sales in the second quarter ... read more..

How to manage consumerisation - 14 Jun 2011

managing consumer technologies As smartphones and tablets find their way into the workplace, IT departments have become increasingly concerned about the potential dangers of allowing personal devices onto the corporate network. Gareth Maclachlan, COO and founder of AdaptiveMobile, argues that CIOs should embrace their employees mobile devices, yet remain mindful ... read more..

I’ve seen the future… - 13 Jun 2011

tomorrows technology today I was at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas this January and I am pretty sure I saw the first inklings of what the hardware that will define business computing five or so years from now will look like. This may seem strange to the ... read more..

Flexible working, mobility and Unified Communications - 07 Jun 2011

NCC Guidelines Volume 1 Number 1, June 2011 ... read more..

Mobility, flexible working and unified communications - event summary - 04 Apr 2011

Mint Hotel, Manchester, 30th March 2011 The question was. has vendor hype devalued the promise of unified communications and caused confusion with the move to cloud computing? The conference had a good mix of delegates across the sectoral divide approx 35% public sector and 65% across all verticals of ... read more..

The mobile train has left the station - are you on it? (Ovum Straight Talk, 19 November 2010) - 19 Nov 2010

There is little doubt that smartphones have become an increasingly indispensable part of people's lives in many countries you may even be reading this email on a mobile device. You could also be one of the many people who are reading it on their personal smartphone, as it is ... read more..

Unified Communications and the Cloud - 20 Oct 2010

Vendor hype has devalued the promise of unified communications and threatens to cause confusion with the move to cloud computing. In the absence of a clear and unambiguous explanation of the benefits of embarking on such projects, end users could be forgiven for thinking that these are technologies without ... read more..

Converging enterprise - communications, IT and the cloud - 23 Sep 2010

convergence Vendor hype has devalued the promise of unified communications and threatens to cause confusion with the move to cloud computing. In the absence of clear and unambiguous explanations of the benefits of embarking on such projects, end users could be forgiven for thinking that these are technologies without a ... read more..

Metro says “love your bank” but it is not making it easy (OpinionWire 6 August 2010) - 06 Aug 2010

Metro Bank threw open its doors in the UK on 29 July with all the razzamatazz expected of a new entrant hoping to make an impact on both the media and prospective customers on its first day of trading. However, for all the glitz and gimmickry, new account holders might ... read more..

Arqiva completes its team to bid for UK smart metering communications (OpinionWire, 23 July 2010) - 23 Jul 2010

Wireless communications infrastructure provider Arqiva has been busy stamping out its credentials in the UK smart metering space. A month ago, Arqiva announced the participation of npower in a smart meter proof of concept in Reading. The proof of concept also involves US-based smart metering communications expert Sensus, which Arqiva ... read more..

Adobe's business and mobile strategy (OpinionWire, 2 July 2010) - 02 Jul 2010

Adobes past market strategy has paid off as the evolution of the Web and e-commerce moves in its direction. Going forward Adobe is in a good position to seize the next wave, with an enterprise and monetization focus that will take it closer to the business while still retaining its ... read more..

Cisco's Smart+Connected Communities - city versus city uber-architecture (OpinionWire, 25 June 2010) - 25 Jun 2010

Cisco is gearing up its Smart+Connected Communities strategy to enable the next generation of cities to compete with each other to attract citizens by offering smarter, technology-enabled, and sustainable ways to live, work, and play. The pace of urbanization is accelerating and could create technology opportunities bigger than the ... read more..

IT Decisions 2010 - 23 Jun 2010

23-24 June 2010 A simple choice for 2010 Find out what's hot on the IT agenda at IT Decisions 2010, including the latest developments in: ... read more..

High speed broadband set to revolutionise business in 2010 - 25 May 2010

There is no doubt that technology will provide a major boost for businesses across the country as they begin to emerge from the recession during 2010. Research shows that firms that have harnessed the power of technology have coped much better with the downturn. In the year ahead, as ... read more..



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