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Future of the Desktop

On August 12 1981, IBM executives held a press conference in New York to introduce a momentous new computer – the IBM Personal Computer running a Microsoft operating system.

At that time we didn't realise that the desktop had been born, at least in technology terms anyway. There followed years of development in personal applications, networking and the integration of the PC with servers, mainframes et al. The first iterations were painful but now it's all pretty seamless and taken for granted. But after many years of relative stability the desktop is ready for re-evaluation, due to emerging technologies and economic factors.


Tablets: why businesses are falling in love with them - 01 Dec 2016

From ZDNet Are businesses finally falling in love with tablets, just as consumers fall out of love with them? According to figures from IDC, 8.2 million tablets were shipped into Western Europe in the third quarter of this year, a 6.7% decline year-on-year. But while sales of consumer tablets dropped, ... read more..

The PC is having its mid-life crisis, just a little bit early - 15 Nov 2016

From ZDNet The PC market has been buffeted by some pretty strong winds recently: sales this year will decline for the second year running (they'll be about flat next year too) as consumers and business switch to tablets and smartphones. And for the first time internet usage on mobiles and ... read more..

Windows 10 provides little incentive for IT to upgrade - 03 Aug 2016

From InformationWeek This month's Windows 10 Anniversary OS release from Microsoft isn't proving to be a huge motivator for upgrading and a spike in Windows 10 deployment isn't expected until early 2017, according to a survey of more than 300 IT personnel by systems management specialist Adaptiva. The update will ... read more..

Microsoft makes it easier for firms to keep running Windows 7 - 25 May 2016

From TechRepublic Microsoft has taken another decision that should make it easier for businesses to continue running Windows 7. The technology giant has announced the release of the Windows 7 SP1 convenience rollup, a collection of security and other updates for the seven year-old operating system. The release includes core ... read more..

Can you use the Raspberry Pi 3 as your work PC? - 17 Mar 2016

From TechRepublic The Raspberry Pi 3 is a $35 computer that is on the cusp of challenging the modern PC. The bump to the processing power of the latest machine has, according to its co-creator, elevated its performance to a point where it can comfortably be used as a desktop ... read more..

Has Microsoft seen the future of PCs, phones and tablets with its stackable 'modular computing device'? - 17 Feb 2016

From Microsoft has patented what it calls a 'modular computing device', which includes the use of stackable components to allow for simpler PC upgrade processes. The patent, filed on 7 July 2015 but only surfacing in published form late last week, features a 'display device physically and communicatively coupled ... read more..

PCs still the right choice for business, despite decline in sales, says Gartner - 15 Oct 2015

From PC shipments in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) totalled 20 million units in the third quarter of 2015, a decline of 17.4% from the same period in 2014, according to Gartner's latest PC market share data. The analyst firm noted the negative effect of the strong ... read more..

Microsoft's rollout of Windows 10 gets B+ grade - 19 Aug 2015

From Computerworld UK Microsoft has done a good job rolling out Windows 10 in the first two weeks, analysts have said, and the general vibe for Windows 8's replacement has been positive, even though glitches have dampened some enthusiasm. If I had to give Microsoft a letter grade, it would ... read more..

Internet Explorer turns 20 but after two decades of drama it faces an uncertain future - 19 Aug 2015

From Microsoft's venerable Internet Explorer browser has reached the 20th anniversary since its introduction, but is now being supplanted by a new upstart. Or is it? IE was introduced to the world in August 1995 as part of an update package for Windows 95 and has been through numerous ... read more..

Apple and IBM: a winning combo for IT - 22 Jul 2014

From It will be some time before the dust settles after the unexpected partnership announced last Tuesday between Apple and IBM, but one thing is clear: this will change the dynamic of the enterprise mobility market in significant ways. In many respects, the joint press release the two companies issued ... read more..

VMware and Google offer enterprise Windows XP upgrade lifeline - 17 Feb 2014

From IT Pro VMware has teamed up with search giant Google to provide enterprise users with access to legacy Windows applications and desktops using Chromebooks. The setup will rely on the virtualisation firm's Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platform, and will give users access to Windows apps via a web-based catalogue on ... read more..

After 30 years, why did the Mac never break into big business? - 03 Feb 2014

From ZDNet Mac versus PC. If you want to stir up an epic online fight, that's been the recipe for 30 years. The ongoing battle has also made for some memorable TV ads over the past decade. But in reality, despite the often harsh rhetoric, it's never really been a contest. After 30 ... read more..

Government wants to drop Microsoft Office for open source alternatives - 03 Feb 2014

From The government is looking to save millions in taxpayers' money by dropping the 'oligopoly' of Microsoft Office in favour of open source alternatives such as Google Docs and Open Office. That's what Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude told journalists at a government event designed to showcase new online services as ... read more..

Windows XP Security Essentials updates to halt in April 2014 - 13 Jan 2014

From IT Pro Microsoft is to withdraw its free Windows XP anti-malware tool when extended support for its aged desktop operating system ends in April, the software giant has confirmed. The move has been announced in a note on the Windows XP End of Life page, which states support for Microsoft Security ... read more..

HP unveils Android business PC in all-in-one portfolio update - 08 Jan 2014

From HP has announced a new crop of all-in-one desktop systems aimed at the business market, including one based on the Android platform and an updated version of its innovative Z1 workstation. The HP Slate 21 Pro is the company's first Android all-in-one that is built for business, intended for basic ... read more..

New hosted desktop service aims to bypass IT departments - 13 Dec 2013

From IT Pro IT consultancy firm Northdoor has launched a new service that combines Windows Azure and Citrix technology to deliver hosted desktops to SMBs. Dubbed WeWorkEverywhere, the offering is a new brand as well as a new service, according to Richard Reggel, head of cloud services at WeWorkEverywhere. 'The message we are ... read more..

All change - 19 Aug 2013

From IT Adviser Using cloud and virtualisation technologies and delivering Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is seen as a great opportunity for any organisation looking to increase the flexibility and mobility of its workforce. Whether the main aim is to avoid the cost and complexity of managing Windows migrations, respond to ... read more..

Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview released - 05 Aug 2013

From IT Pro Microsoft has released its Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview, a month after the consumer preview was made available for the revamped operating system. Redmond is encouraging businesses to try out the enterprise preview update and it is available to download here. The software giant showcased a lot of the business-friendly features ... read more..

Windows XP migration: reassess your desktop IT strategy - 05 Aug 2013

From The cost of PCs has remained pretty stable over the past year, but people are expected to pay a big premium for hybrid devices. Is it time to rethink desktop IT? PC market share data shows businesses are buying fewer laptops and desktops. PC shipments in Europe, Middle East and ... read more..

Microsoft preaches XP conversion - 15 Jul 2013

From InformationWeek Microsoft struck a forward-looking tone at its Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) last Monday, using the event to confirm that Windows 8.1 will reach manufacturers by late August. Tuesday's announcements were likewise defined by a push toward Microsoft's emerging 'devices and services' business model, with social enterprise tools and the ... read more..

Windows 8.1 preview released - 01 Jul 2013

From IT Pro The Windows 8.1 preview is now officially available to download, with Microsoft expected to roll out the finished version of the product in the autumn. The software giant showed off the new release at its Build developer conference in San Francisco last week, describing it as a more refined ... read more..

Just 8% of workers use cloud for office apps, says Gartner - 17 Jun 2013

From Information Age Only 8% of office system users employ cloud-hosted email and desktop applications, according to analyst company Gartner. However, that figure is expected to grow rapidly in the next decade, as the number of devices that office workers use grows. According to analyst Tom Austin, it is primarily small business that ... read more..

Windows Blue (8.1) release date, price and features - 13 May 2013

From IT Pro Windows Blue is the codename for Microsoft's first major upgrade to the Windows 8 desktop operating system. The launch of Blue will mark a change in strategy for Microsoft. Instead of releasing new editions of Windows after lengthy development cycles, going forward Redmond is expected to refresh its OS ... read more..

HP turns to design for reversal of PC fortunes - 13 May 2013

From Techworld Hewlett-Packard is barely holding on to the top spot in the laptop and desktop market, but hopes a renewed vigour regarding product design will help reverse the fortunes of its PC business. The company is standardising the design and features in its laptops and tablets to help customers identify its ... read more..

Windows Blue: what we know - 02 Apr 2013

From InformationWeek NCAA basketball players aren't the only ones who've been sprinting for the last week; Microsoft gossips have been running the fast break too. Between a copy of Windows Blue, the much-rumoured Windows 8 update, leaking to the internet and Redmond finally acknowledging that the project exists, Microsoft-related speculation has ... read more..

UK's largest NHS Trust ditches laptops in favour of Windows To Go - 25 Mar 2013

From CIO London's Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust has taken the radical decision to deploy Microsoft's Windows 8 on USB sticks after deciding against the expense of buying replacement laptops. The UK's largest NHS trust trialled Windows to Go last summer during the London 2012 Olympics, allowing several hundred staff to work ... read more..

Teradata Refines its Big and Fast Data Strategies (OpinionWire 18 May 2012) - 18 May 2012

Delphix Virtual Database Provides Benefits for Agile DevelopmentDelphix, a venture founded in 2008 by ex-EMC employees, launched its virtualised database to market in 2010. The Delphix Agile Data Platform is designed to appeal to the agile development community whose pace of working is faster than traditional development processes. Agile developers ... read more..

Cloud Helps Enterprises Adapt to a Post-Desktop World (OpinionWire 13 April 2012) - 16 Apr 2012

Big Data Creates Demand for Analytics SkillsThe emergence of big data promises to create IT jobs, with business intelligence (BI) and analytics expertise the key drivers. As big data increasingly becomes part of corporate IT strategies and infrastructure, organisations will be on the lookout for specialist analytics skills to unlock ... read more..

Taking desktop applications to mobile devices - 24 Nov 2011

mobilising desktop applications The abundance of smartphones on the market, and our need for greater convenience and flexibility at work means that, for many organisations, enabling enterprise mobility is now firmly at the top of their agenda. David Akka, UK MD at Magic Software, looks beyond the user interface and ... read more..

Delivering the Flexible Enterprise - Event Summary - 08 Jul 2011

The Mint Hotel, Manchester, 6 July 2011Pressures remain on IT budgets and will do so for the foreseeable future it is time for organisations to think more strategically about the role and impact of technology to deliver true business transformation with improvements to the bottom line the current steady ... read more..



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