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Ovum Straight Talk Weekly

Ovum Straight Talk was created over two years ago to provide incisive, definitive, and often challenging insights about leading-edge issues. It has developed and matured into an anticipated communication, particularly the quarterly magazine format.

Recently Ovum have been thinking about how they can improve the way Straight Talk is delivered. They recognize that the ways you access key information have evolved considerably in the past few years. Therefore they’ve started some exciting projects that will enable you to access our daily opinion on your terms – whenever, wherever, and in a format of your choosing.

In anticipation of the forthcoming enhancements, the 22 October 2010 edition of OpinionWire will be the last. Later this week, they will be launching the very first edition of Straight Talk Weekly. The new product will bring you:

  • market insight from a principle analyst around the week’s key themes
  • recommended research
  • a spotlight on upcoming events
  • and more.

Members have access to the following titles:

This week's market insight (Ovum Straight Talk, 17 December 2010) - 17 Dec 2010

The news this week that Comcast has started limited trials of its prototype Xcalibur platform is a signal of how far the broadcast industry has come in the past 12 months and an important directional indicator for 2011. Far more than just an enhanced set-top box with access to another ... read more..

The benefit of foresight - predictive analytics poised to move mainstream (Ovum Straight Talk, 9 December 2010) - 09 Dec 2010

One of the hottest topics in business intelligence (BI) this year has been predictive analytics, ne data mining. Ovum's research shows that high-performing companies are those that effectively use predictive analytics to bring a higher and deeper degree of foresight and intelligence to their business. Predictive analytics technology is already ... read more..

Facing up to complex sustainability demands (Ovum Straight Talk, 3 December 2010) - 03 Dec 2010

Negotiations over the next two weeks in Cancun, Mexico, under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), are highly unlikely to result in an agreement for coordinated international action. But organizations of all types still face growing pressure from national and local regulators, consumers, investors, ... read more..

Outsourcing in uncertain economic times (Ovum Straight Talk, 26 November 2010) - 26 Nov 2010

Regardless of what region you may have found yourself in during the past two weeks, it is doubtful that the economic woes facing Ireland and the Eurozone have escaped your notice. Indeed, it appears clearer by the day that the long-anticipated economic recovery is shaping up to be a whimper ... read more..

The mobile train has left the station - are you on it? (Ovum Straight Talk, 19 November 2010) - 19 Nov 2010

There is little doubt that smartphones have become an increasingly indispensable part of people's lives in many countries you may even be reading this email on a mobile device. You could also be one of the many people who are reading it on their personal smartphone, as it is ... read more..

We need to take a more holistic view of IT security (Ovum Straight Talk, 12 November 2010) - 12 Nov 2010

Security continues to be a major headache for organizations and remains the number-one priority for IT management, as identified in Ovum's Technology Trends CIO Survey. Unfortunately the number of threats increases on a daily basis, with organizations now having to prevent attacks from criminal gangs and cater for cyber espionage. ... read more..

Turning obstacles into stepping stones (Ovum Straight Talk, 5 November 2010) - 05 Nov 2010

With the recent release of the Comprehensive Spending Review in the UK, riots boiling over in France due to changes in the retirement age, and increasingly vocal calls for fiscal reform during the US mid-term elections, there is no lack of evidence that times are grim. Battening down the hatches ... read more..

Do you have your head in the clouds? (Ovum Straight Talk, 29 October 2010) - 29 Oct 2010

Welcome to the inaugural Straight Talk Weekly, a roundup of recent Ovum research and opinion. Every week you'll find a selection of published insights, information, and intelligence to get you thinking about IT issues. You can find these topics and more on your Knowledge Center.Do you have your head in ... read more..



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