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Every day new research and articles get posted on the web – research that could provide you with insight, advice and guidance to help you tackle pressing concerns, if only you knew it was there. As a member service we will identify links to publicly available research, articles, white papers and webinars which we believe will be relevant to our audience.

Unlike our own research we can’t guarantee the independence or accuracy of the material we identify, but we will point you in the direction of reputable sources.

Please note that you will have to register on some of the sites to access the material. NCC is not responsible for content published on third party sites.

This is a Member only service.

Why APIs are worth the time and attention of IT professionals – from InformationWeek - 13 Oct 2016

Applications IT professionals who have yet to be convinced that API management could be useful need look no further than Google's plan to acquire Apigee, an API management platform. It's the latest in a string of similar offerings that highlight the importance of application programming interfaces in today's IT organisation. Follow this ... read more..

Six don'ts when leading big data projects – from TechRepublic - 13 Oct 2016

Applications Here's what not to do during big data projects to keep risks low and success rates high. Follow this link ... read more..

Free tool helps your IT team assess phishing risks – from TechRepublic - 23 Sep 2016

Applications Duo Insight lets IT teams run internal phishing simulations to identify potential security weaknesses and make the case for investing in stronger solutions and more user training. Follow this link ... read more..

10 best iPhone apps for IT professionals – from Computerworld UK - 23 Sep 2016

Applications Computerworld UK reveals top iPhone apps for IT professionals. Follow this link ... read more..

Computing DevOps Review 2016 – from - 06 Sep 2016

Applications The DevOps review looks at levels of adoption of DevOps and its importance to digital strategy. Follow this link ... read more..

Brexit and big data: Exasol CEO confident of an analytics future, even with EU uncertainty – from - 06 Sep 2016

Applications Aaron Auld talks to V3 about the potential of the IoT and high-speed data analytics. Follow this link ... read more..

Hadoop vs Spark: which is right for your business? – from Computerworld UK - 06 Sep 2016

Applications Which open source big data framework is right for your enterprise? Follow this link ... read more..

Bluetooth 5: five things for IT to know – from InformationWeek - 12 Jul 2016

Applications Bluetooth 5 promises improvements in speed, range and application over the current version. Here are five things you need to know about what has been announced and what it can mean for your enterprise. Follow this link ... read more..

What's new in Hadoop? – from - 15 Jun 2016

Applications The distributions are diverging as the latest additions make clear. Follow this link ... read more..

What is a graph database? Vendors, use cases and customers explained – from Computerworld UK - 15 Jun 2016

Applications Graph databases aren't new, but interest in the technology is starting to peak. Computerworld UK finds out why. Follow this link ... read more..

Why the enterprise fell in love with open source – from IT Pro - 15 Jun 2016

Applications GitHub on how developers are spearheading open source adoption. Follow this link ... read more..

Big data – four ways big data analysis can make businesses more profitable – from - 04 May 2016

Applications Andy Oliver, big data business unit manager at MTI, explains how analysing big data can boost profitability. Follow this link ... read more..

Don't do DevOps? Your organisation will get left behind, warns QA's David Njogu – from - 04 May 2016

Applications Business 'revolution' that agile and DevOps are driving will sweep aside slow movers. Follow this link ... read more..

What’s next for collaboration in the enterprise? – from Information Age - 05 Apr 2016

Applications Slack, Salesforce Chatter, Huddle, Box the list of enterprise collaboration tools goes on. But what's the future of team engagement? Follow this link ... read more..

Why IT needs to tear down data silos – from InformationWeek - 05 Apr 2016

Applications Making quality data available to decision makers across the organisation is our job as IT professionals. Jonathan Feldman, CIO of the City of Asheville, NC, tells us why IT must find ways to prevent data from disappearing into corporate silos, never to be seen, shared or acted upon. Follow this link ... read more..

Computing Big Data Review 2016 – from - 05 Apr 2016

Applications Computing's review this year looks at the extent of big data rollouts, organisational success factors and data scientists. Follow this link ... read more..

Big data leaders – who they are and what they do differently – from - 05 Apr 2016

Applications Computing research looks at the characteristics shared by organisations that are furthest ahead with their use of big data analytics. Follow this link ... read more..

The biggest challenge facing UK business: how to deal with too much data – from Information Age - 09 Mar 2016

Applications IT decision makers across all sectors are racing against the clock to get to grips with information management in the modern world. Follow this link ... read more..

Data analytics platforms for IT governance: from Splunk and Qlik to Netscout, Idax Solutions and Cogmotive – from Computerworld UK - 09 Mar 2016

Applications How to take control of your IT environment with these powerful data analytics tools. Follow this link ... read more..

What can go wrong when security is ignored during development? – from - 12 Jan 2016

Applications Make developers responsible for security from the start, argues MWR InfoSecurity's Filippos Raditsas. Follow this link ... read more..

Best business apps for Windows 10 – from IT Pro - 08 Dec 2015

Applications IT Pro finds the best business-related apps in the Windows 10 Store. Follow this link ... read more..

What is Spark? Six reasons why CIOs should find out (and one why they shouldn't) – from - 08 Dec 2015

Applications Spark is a favourite among developers and data scientists, but why would a CIO need to know about it? John Leonard asks delegates at Spark Summit Europe for their views. Follow this link ... read more..

Bridging the big data skills gap with online training – from InformationWeek - 08 Dec 2015

Applications Big data technology vendors are helping to close the skills gap when it comes to training the next crop of data scientists. Here's what they are offering. Follow this link ... read more..

All the key stories from V3's Big Data Summit – from - 08 Dec 2015

Applications V3 rounds up all the key content form its Big Data Summit event. Follow this link ... read more..

Apple, Microsoft, IBM: seven big analytics buys you need to know – from InformationWeek - 03 Nov 2015

Applications Apple, IBM and Microsoft have all made multiple acquisitions of analytics startups in the last year. Here's an overview of who they bought and why it matters to IT. Follow this link ... read more..

Predictive analytics are the future of big data – from - 03 Nov 2015

Applications Enterprises need to use their data repositories to predict not reflect. Follow this link ... read more..

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional review – from IT Pro - 03 Nov 2015

Applications Office finally catches up with Google Docs. Well, sort of... Follow this link ... read more..

Big data and ROI: an uneasy pairing for CIOs – from InformationWeek - 30 Sep 2015

Applications CIOs need to rethink traditional cost justifications when making investments in big data projects. Follow this link ... read more..

11 Windows 10 apps for your upgraded PC – from InformationWeek - 14 Sep 2015

Applications The new Windows Store is a highlight of Windows 10. What are the best apps it has to offer? Follow this link ... read more..

Everybody hates email – so why does everyone use it? – from - 02 Sep 2015

Applications Email has had more than its share of critics over the years, but if it's so bad, why is it still a core application for just about every business? Stuart Sumner explores the pros and cons and asks if email is set to be replaced in the near future. Follow this ... read more..



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