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Keeps UK consultants informed with news, trends and IT supplier updates.

Now in its 20th year, Management Consultants News (MCN) continues to keep UK consultants informed with news, trends and IT supplier updates.

The printed copy of MCN (right) has a circulation of over 11,000 professional management consultants within the UK. It is published by the National Computing Centre (NCC).

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Oracle MCNOracle Influencer Club – just nostalgia or more?

Oracle’s Barry Watts goes down Memory Lane to introduce the company’s new club for consultants.

Networking is a great way to do business, especially in the IT industry. Many of us have been around the industry long enough to have vivid memories of joint vendor initiatives, such as IBM Presentation Manager which, I recall, ended during 1988 when the two companies parted ways – IBM took over all subsequent development and Microsoft took with it OS/2 3.0, which it renamed Windows NT.

On that occasion, when the two industry juggernauts parted, another milestone along the IT industry’s historic trail was laid. As news of separation spread, we began to realise the impact and possible strategic directions.

Mobile phone technology at that time was pushed to the limit in an attempt to accommodate usage of, as then, the 1G system which struggled to meet demand. Nevertheless, communication of the facts ran right across the UK IT world, between vendors, their partners and a myriad of business-to-business suppliers. The backbone of this early ‘super highway’ was in effect people networking power.

Today’s ‘revolutionary’ social media claims to have taken networking to new heights, where the ability to link up to anyone and everyone seems to be a key global goal. But is that what we had in 1988? Was it merely the ability to talk with each other, to pass on a snippet of information? I think not.

It seems to me that a fundamental difference between the tweet and pre-tweet periods is that the pre-tweet had an inherent level of credibility. Information was nearly always linked to a real name whose credentials would be used to gauge the power of the detail.

The source, having often analysed the gem of information, would reproduce it sparingly – not cast it out with little regard as is so often the case with today’s ‘first with the news’ mantra. Interacting groups would also be smaller and somewhat tight-knit; but this in itself gave more strength at a time when knowledge had some real value.

At Oracle we have set out to rekindle some of that value by sharing specialist information, in much the same way as the earlier days.


Oracle’s Influencer Club is a ‘people-network’ reunion of industry consultants and advisers who spend each day positioning IT strategy and direction to their demanding clients.

Given Oracle’s much-reported acquisitions during the past few years, what better way to attain clear, concise knowledge about strategic direction and product development?

When Presentation Manager became an historic milestone, we already had a social network and it functioned it had one other fantastic hidden benefit – networking events were very good fun!

  • For more information on Oracle’s Influencer Club, event sand possible directions to Memory Lane, contact Barry Watts on 0118 924 4808.

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