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The value of integrated business systems

The value of integrated business systemsEnterprise resource planning has all too often been associated with large enterprises and more complex IT organisations…not forgetting those with the deepest pockets and largest resource pools to invest in best-of-breed solutions. In reality, though, many mid-market businesses will already be running their own version of ERP. This could be through, amongst other things, stock management systems, staff scheduling reports, project reports and financial reporting tools. In this final edition of the year we explore the real benefits of ERP for mid-market organisations.

ERP is really the effective use of resources, to deliver business efficiencies measured by increased turnover, improved margins and cost reduction. If businesses take a joined-up approach to their business systems they will always be in a better position to deal with the challenges of innovation, growth and business development.

It’s also important to remember that it’s not always the case that moving to an ERP system requires a wholesale replacement of your existing solutions. Similar results can be achieved through better integration of your existing technologies…and to achieve the full value, an organisation must focus on integrating the organisation, optimising business processes, and using and analysing system data to improve decision making.

ERP has had a chequered history, but trends now point to a turning tide…organisations have gained a wealth of experience and from the evidence of this year’s Evaluation Centre ERP survey, ERP systems now provide the cornerstone for nearly two-thirds of all organisations’ applications portfolio.

Maybe…this dawning realisation of the challenges of big data is another catalyst for reassessing the value of integrated business and technology strategies.

The world of big data and business intelligence is a dynamic one, with new technologies emerging to make it even more compelling. Any organisation that wants to thrive and survive in this business landscape will need to embrace big data and the technology required to maximise its potential. The insight big data can provide is unparalleled and places the CIO in a pivotal role. Technology has generally been a reactive discipline, but as the guardian of better data analysis it will truly enable the CIO and IT to take a much more dynamic and entrepreneurial role in the business.

Enjoy this issue of IT Adviser… have a great Xmas and best wishes for a prosperous 2012.

Ian Jones
NCC head of publishing & content
National Computing Centre

Download the whole issue as a PDF: IT Adviser, Issue 68, Winter 2011

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