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Creating the mobile enterprise

Is VDI on your radar?

ITAdviser 66 Summer 2011The economy continues to show positive signs of recovery; however, cost cutting for many and cost containment for all, are still very firmly driving our strategic thinking in IT terms. Economic pressures have forced organisations to re-evaluate their IT solutions with regard to availability, scalability, efficiency and cost; so it is particularly important, now more than ever, to assess the potential business benefits, risks and assurance considerations from cloud computing.

IT-enabled service delivery is currently undergoing a period of huge transformational change – effective technology deployment is about automating as much as possible to identify new ways of doing things. Consequently, NCC’s recent Benchmarks reflect a rapid acceleration of the adoption of virtualisation and cloud technologies.

Organisations everywhere are struggling to balance ever-increasing technology complexity against ever-decreasing budgets. Employees expect, and often need to work from anywhere, from any device. In our ‘always on’ society and business environments it is common now for employees to use personal devices, such as smartphones, netbooks, tablets and home computers, as part of their work arsenal – and this convergence of consumer technology and consumer behaviours with the corporate environment adds to the complexity.

So how do you provide a consistent, standardised desktop experience for employees who need to work with multiple different devices, form factors, connectivity options, processors and operating systems? The answer lies in desktop virtualisation…and the abstraction of the desktop from any one physical device. Logically, as everything becomes internet-enabled, the cloud becomes a more convenient place to host these services, once the inevitable risks and security are understood and addressed.

There have been many false starts and initiatives showing little return on the often considerable investments in technology, and at worst some alienation of staff and management. The truth is that it’s as much about people as it is about technology. Technology is just a means to an end, a way of achieving a specific result, not a result in itself. In most cases there is no right solution and, as many IT directors, IT managers and helpdesk staff will testify, deciding on the technology first can often be a recipe for disaster.

So if the economic climate is tough, cost savings paramount and the technology mature, just what are the issues inhibiting VDI adoption? I hope this edition provides you with some of the answers..

Ian Jones
NCC head of publishing & content
National Computing Centre

Download the whole issue as a PDF: ITadviser, Issue 66, Summer 2011

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