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Improving business efficiency

It’s virtually a revolution…

Early signs for 2011 are of a recovering UK economy, however an undeniable feature of this new world order is cost cutting for many and cost containment for all – and these factors are still very firmly driving our strategic thinking in IT terms…. IT enabled service delivery is currently undergoing a period of huge transformational change – but at all costs we should avoid this merely being about renegotiating contracts and shuffling suppliers. Effective technology deployment is about automation and identifying new ways of doing things – consequently, we are seeing acceleration of the adoption of virtualisation and cloud technologies…

Organisations everywhere are struggling to balance ever increasing technology complexity against ever decreasing budgets. Employees expect, and often need to work from anywhere, from any device. Consequently, we are witnessing the convergence of consumer technology and consumer behaviours with the corporate environment which only adds to the complexity.

So how do you provide a consistent, standardised desktop experience for employees who need to work with multiple different devices, with multiple different form factors, connectivity options, processors and operating systems? The answer: Virtualisation…. and the abstraction of the desktop from any one physical device.

VDI is on the radar of most CIO’s and IT Director’s and has to be one of the current hot topics. However, most of the evidence including NCC’s recent conference – Maintaining Service Levels with Reduced Budgets, November 2010… points to less than 10% of corporate enterprises have virtualised their desktop environment. So if the economic climate is tough and cost savings paramount, the technology mature, just what are the issues inhibiting VDI adoption?

The answers to this might lie fundamentally in the area of trust and confidence – in this edition of ITadviser we drill down into the issues inhibiting big businesses from taking the leap of faith…

I’d also recommend to you the BBC’s major new four part series which takes stock of the profound impact – of the web – how, for better and for worse, the digital revolution is reshaping all our lives. The series traverses the globe, journalist and academic Dr Aleks Krotoski explores the meaning of a phenomenon that is and continues to transform everything from how we learn to how we shop, how we vote, how we and make friends. The series reveals astonishing facts about how the web is rewiring our society and our economy.

Ian Jones
Head of Research & Content
National Computing Centre

Download the whole issue as a PDF: ITadviser, Issue 65, Spring 2011

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