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ITA-Issue-63Enterprise Security

It couldn't happen again, could it...?

Three years on, could another ‘HMRC’ really happen? 24 months since the publication of the Poynter Report commissioned in the aftermath of the HMRC breach, and almost three years since the original misplaced discs, a similar breach couldn’t occur again, could it…?

Well the reality was, that it took just over a year… August 2008 to be precise, when Zurich Insurance South Africa lost an unencrypted back-up tape during a routine transfer to a data storage centre. As there were no proper reporting lines in place Zurich UK didn’t learn of the incident until a year later, it emerged from the subsequent FSA investigation.

Zurich UK failed to take reasonable care to ensure it had effective systems and controls to manage the risks relating to the security of customer data resulting from the outsourcing arrangement. It also failed to ensure that it had effective systems and controls to prevent the lost data being used for financial crime.

And today Zurich Insurance has 2.3 million reasons to be more vigilant with its data. But does the punishment fit the crime and are we really learning any lessons… Zurich lost 46,000 customer records, and the FSA appears to have valued them at a little under £50 each in terms of the fine imposed.

The consequences of losing confidential data on unsecure physical devices can be damaging to reputations, embarrassing to organisations or lead to chunky fines, but the consequences can be devastating for the victims, leaving their personal details unprotected against malicious fraudsters. Why, in a digital economy, are businesses and government still using old-fashioned physical means to transfer important data? Surely this is wholly negligent. After countless examples of lost tapes, laptops and USB sticks it is time that executives put a stop to this.

This incident raises a much wider debate about organisations’ overall approach to data security. It’s not simply a matter of increasing encryption rates; it’s about ensuring the reduction of scenarios where physical devices containing confidential information are moved around offsite. Organisations need to treat customer data with the same level of security as they do company cash. A bank wouldn’t take a year to notice missing money, so why is critical customer information being treated with a lower level of priority? Because organisations are too myopic or lazy to impose mandatory policies and procedures to enforce only encrypted electronic transfer for sensitive information, so sending a USB stick is the easy option. Company executives and government ministers should mandate the abolition of removable media for data transfer and move to secure electronic means instead.

Ian Jones
Head of Research & Content
The National Computing Centre

(ITadviser, Issue 63, Autumn 2010)

Download the whole issue as a PDF: ITadviser, Issue 63, Autumn 2010

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