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Post election challenges

2010 will continue to be a time of considerable change as all businesses strive for operational and business efficiencies. We will see some acceleration of technology adoption, particularly in the areas of virtualisation and cloud delivered services. But of course these bring with them a whole set of risks and security considerations which are not to be overlooked. This has been reiterated very starkly by the recently published 2010 UK Security Breaches Survey, featured on page 19 and downloadable in full from

Post election there are some key technology issues for businesses:

Cost cutting for most and cost containment for all – we have seen off the worst of the recession, or have we? Worryingly, the UK economy remains the last of the G20 countries to leave the recession behind… It does feel cautiously like the worst is over, certainly in the private sector, however, there’s a long way to go for the public sector. Under the new coalition government there will inevitably be heavy restraint placed on public spending. The growth in investment since 1997 will come under increasing pressures as the new coalition government wrestles with a massive budget deficit and a need to reassess priorities and critically to make savings.

IT enabled service delivery is currently undergoing a period of huge transformational change – this shouldn’t just be about renegotiating contracts and shuffling suppliers. Effective deployment is about automating as much as possible to identify new ways of doing things. It should also be about challenging the status quo – where public sector IT service provision is dominated by a small and all too familiar cluster of very large suppliers.

Information/Data management, inevitably there will be more data loss headlines – some of which will deepen the concern and anxiety around cloud and off-shore data services.

Security remains a constant on the priority list and will be further challenged by the rapid adoption of virtualisation and cloud technologies – in the rush to realise the business and operational efficiencies it remains critical not too overlook the security risks.

Mobile technologies, convergence of consumer technologies into the workplace as Smartphones and netbooks become part of the corporate infrastructure – will continue unabated throughout 2010 and beyond.

Procuring systems and services, big businesses – and the public sector – will take a cautious approach, paying increased attention to the financial security of their key suppliers.

Organisations – and this includes Local and Central Government – looking to survive and thrive today must begin their evolution. Some may call it the next ‘Technology Revolution’ – the benefits and potential payback are simply too great to ignore.

Ian Jones
Head of Research & Content

(ITadviser, Issue 62, Summer 2010)

Download the whole issue as a PDF: ITAdviser 62, Summer 2010

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