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ITA61Rise of the Mobile Enterprise

Over the past 20 years, organisations have consolidated around large, fixed facilities where functions and business processes could be co-located. This model, predicated on the efficiency of centralised controls is now being rendered obsolete by the transformative power of ubiquitous technologies.

In only a short time, the idea of a pervasive mobile workforce went from being years away to being the only way… not quite, but under pressure to reduce cost and improve operational efficiency most business are turning to a more flexible exploitation of all their assets. Many of the limitations are now gone:

  • Broadband data speeds have reached 95%
  • Wireless broadband is available in every major metropolitan area - and wider
  • Mobile voice services have saturated all industries
  • Mobile and wireline prices have dropped or eliminated usage charges in favour of subscription-based services
  • Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • A number of elements have come together to make these workers effective in the field:
    • mobile services - wireless, broadband;
    • devices - phones, PDAs, notebooks, wireless cards;
    • service control - management of wireline, wireless, office/remote access in a seamless service offering;
    • enterprise applications - the business processes that are automated through mobile access; and
    • business application platforms - the foundations and interfaces for building enterprise applications over a converged wireless and wireline network.

Enterprises are already experiencing the benefits of a mobile workforce, but what lies ahead? As enterprises expand their customer service, the next generation of wireless products and services must be able to support the expanded mobile workforce.

Over the past decade, wireless networks, devices, and applications supporting basic enterprise applications, such as voice, email, ordering, and tracking. The next decade will witness the integration of wireline and wireless applications, enabled by increasingly innovative technologies IMS, 3G networks, smart phones, and remote devices.

Mobility convergence and IP convergence present a whole new set of opportunities, along with fixed-mobile convergence, IMS, and integration of content services.
Hope the issue provides you with some insight - as ever all comments welcomed..

Ian Jones
NCC head of Research & Content

(ITadviser, Issue 61, Spring 2010)

Download the whole issue as a PDF: ITAdviser 61 Spring 2010

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