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Managing your infrastructure

The next paradigm shift…

Is virtualisation the mainframe of the 21st Century or is it the stepping stone to Cloudbased service delivery which will take up this mantle over the next couple of years? NCC's own research over the past 12 months has highlighted the surge of interest in virtualisation from storage to servers and now shifting emphasis to the desktop. And we witness from all the demonstrations and the testimonials today that there are no applications that can’t be operated from within a virtualised environment…

All companies should be asking, not why should we virtualise this application, but why shouldn't we virtualise it?

After all the dust has settled (on a very difficult year for most business sectors) we will be better organised with technology at the heart of the modern business. Beyond all the hype and the bluster – most analysts and customers recognise that a new way has emerged out of the challenge to do more with less… but that has required that we can only do more, if we do it differently.

Most organisations will inevitably move towards cloud-based delivery of at least some aspects of their infrastructure over the next two years… Realistically, this will hinge on the maturity of internal clouds… And although current adoption is currently less than 8% of mid tier to large enterprises, and indeed most of the vendors are only just beginning to provide the tools necessary to build them, we will see a shift next year.

Not forgetting that perhaps the biggest challenge is that most enterprises are not ready to deploy internal clouds. You have to be culturally and behaviourally ready to share resources and information across business units. Most enterprises are nowhere near ready.

The last issue of the year has a focus on infrastructure challenges – we  plot the renaissance of thin client on the back of the tide of virtualisation technologies, we look at business intelligence rationalisation  and continue to develop our theme of driving value from information . And finally, Martin Rice, CEO of Erudine, reflects at the end of the first decade of the new Millennium on some of the mistakes of the noughties!

To close we expose the time bomb of workforce demographics if you do nothing else between now and Xmas, map your workforce demographics against your critical skills requirements for the future… this isn’t for the feint hearted… realising when this might start to impact your business might spoil your Christmas…

Best wishes for Xmas and a prosperous 2010.
Ian Jones
NCC Publisher

(ITadviser, Issue 60, Winter 2009)

Download the whole issue as a PDF: ITAdviser 60 Winter 2009

Industry News - Winter 2009 - 25 Nov 2009

Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) to set the standardTop technology leaders have come together to develop a Code of Conduct to help provide understanding and manage users expectations of cloud suppliers.A newly formed self-regulatory body called the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), a sub-group of FAST and Investors in Software (FAST IiS), ... read more..

Taking optimisation at face value - 25 Nov 2009

Keith Mitchell of Replify Ltd looks at how optimisation can create the platform for greater efficiency and productivityInfrastructures in businessTodays technology can affect businesses in many different ways. Deployed properly it can propel a company to greater productivity and profitability with far fewer resources than were required just a few ... read more..

The Future of Desktop Virtualisation - 25 Nov 2009

Nikolaos Makris of 2X Software considers the growth of thin client computing (and the environmental implications), and where it is heading in the futureIts official the days of the local desktop OS are numbered! By 2014, Gartner predicts that there will be more than 66 million virtualised desktops globally. ... read more..

Seeking out hidden savings - 25 Nov 2009

why it pays to rationalise your BI infrastructure Your IT budget is razor thin, your staff is maxed out, and management has ordered another round of cuts. Meanwhile, three departments are clamouring for specialised applications to compete effectively against the market leader thats eating your lunch. Somehow youre expected to ... read more..

The Challenge of Digital Landfill - 25 Nov 2009

A decade into a new millennium, much of our IT infrastructure is fit for digital landfill and we are continuing to pour money into it at an alarming rate. The current approach to IT is to custom-build systems and incrementally change them as required. As the degree of change ... read more..

Securing your infrastructure: don’t let the zombies take you down - 25 Nov 2009

Ian Kilpatrick of Wick Hill Group discusses how the latest botnet threats are evolving and offers some suggestions as to how you can protect against them.Over the last year, the incidence of botnet (or zombie) attacks has been growing rapidly. Some service providers around the world have already begun to ... read more..

Top ten tips: Ten common problems with ECM deployments – and how to avoid them - 25 Nov 2009

ECM has the power to transform employee productivity, drive down costs and reduce the carbon footprint for any organisation. But many organisations have yet to achieve maximum value from the investment. From clearly defining corporate expectations up front, to ensuring user buy-in, only the right approach can ensure that organisations ... read more..

At the Centre - Winter 2009 - 25 Nov 2009

Building trust between IT and FinanceIn most organisations the economic decision maker for large scale IT purchases is the Finance Director/CFO or Board of Directors of which they are part. However, despite this, there is a lack of understanding between IT and the finance function ( The National Computing Centre ... read more..

The Generation Game – managing a multi-generational workforce - 25 Nov 2009

Change management Marc Humphries of Atos Consulting considers the effect that the changing demographics in the workplace will have upon UK businesses. Those of us of a certain age will remember the original 1970s Saturday night TV show with Bruce Forsyth and his glamorous assistant Anthea give us a ... read more..

IT Department Accreditation - 25 Nov 2009

A new Standard and an Accreditation scheme from the National Computing CentreFirst successful IT Departments receive their ITDA awards at the NCC Annual Conference 2009.IT departments are never short of challenges: delivering upon ever-evolving business requirements; deciding when and how to adopt new technologies; managing internal and outsourced relationships; ensuring ... read more..

Recognition deserved - 25 Nov 2009

AccreditUKMichael Dean looks at how the Accredit UK ICT Supplier Standard underpins NCCs IT Department Accreditation.Michael Dean looks at how the Accredit UK ICT Supplier Standard underpins NCCs IT Department Accreditation.Elsewhere in this edition of ITadviser we celebrate the first organisations to be accredited to the National Computing Centres new ... read more..

Cloud Computing for All! (virtually) - 25 Nov 2009

tomorrow's technology todayGary Cornell and his views from across the pondI was recently talking to a friend who runs a small company. He told me he was thinking of ditching their use of Gmail for their corporate email because of the recent Gmail outages and return to them doing it ... read more..

Driving Value from Information – Be a metadata hero - 25 Nov 2009

Not too long ago, the only people who cared about metadata were geeks like me. IT and business users didnt think about how data was organised, where it was located, or how pieces of information were related; they simply wanted reports. And for that, information analysts were the go-to people ... read more..

The new era of collaboration demands a new approach to security - 25 Nov 2009

To be successful, todays business needs to strike a balance between cost-efficiencies, keeping a productive workforce motivated and ensuring that they are mindful of corporate and legislative compliance. However, the way that organisations interact, work and do business has taken on a collaborative nature which has to fit in with ... read more..

Building the Foundations for Change - 25 Nov 2009

Maggie Berry, Director of, questions whether the infrastructure is in place to support women seeking a career within the IT industry.Lets start with a few facts and figures. Currently, just 19% of the IT and Telecoms workforce is female, a figure which has fallen by 4% since 2005. Just ... read more..

What’s New in Microsoft SharePoint 2010? - 25 Nov 2009

In November Microsoft released a beta version of SharePoint 2010. This is the fourth version of SharePoint, and the product is showing its maturity with a lot of improvements from the 2007 version. Indeed, whether or not you currently have SharePoint, 2010 is worth a serious look, and in this ... read more..

Managing the fashion retail supply chain - 24 Nov 2009

Sam Jackson discusses a few key strategies to make business processes more robust and agile in the fashion retail supply chain.All over againFashion businesses have unique complications built into their business models that reflect directly on the supply chain. Trends must be identified quickly, products designed, samples created and then ... read more..

The Mobile Project Lifecycle - 24 Nov 2009

According to Rob Bamforth, lead analyst from Quocirca, It is essential that enterprises adopt a mobile strategy that includes plans for the evolution and continuous improvement of a mobile project.A continuous improvement approach in a mobile project is the key to maximising profitability from your investment in mobility. Continuous improvement ... read more..

Space, cost and energy savings – Choosing the right storage virtualisation technology - 24 Nov 2009

The data centre continues to evolve with the need for storage capacity growing so quickly that many organisations struggle to keep up. Even before the global economy took a nosedive, organisations were starting to look for the best way to re-utilise their pre-existing storage capabilities. But now, with the increasing ... read more..

Understanding the Maturing Compliance Environment - 24 Nov 2009

Sean Sherman of Tripwire explains how the fast maturing compliance landscape is changing the way organisations are addressing global regulatory requirements. Increasing sophistication in both the regulatory bodies and compliance experts is driving regulations to evolve beyond tick box compliance towards a risk-based model that reflects organisations specific operational requirements. ... read more..

Push and pull: can the data centre industry meet opposing energy and environmental demands? - 24 Nov 2009

There is an urgent clash of priorities facing the UK when it comes to IT infrastructure We all understand the importance of ICT in a knowledge-based economy. The need for better, bigger, more sophisticated ICT will only continue to increase as Britain strives to compete as a world leader. ICT ... read more..

Data storage – how achievable is watertight security? - 24 Nov 2009

Businesses today face more data security threats than ever before.The threat landscape is constantly evolving to the point that as soon as a new security measure is put in place, that measure will likely be breached or become redundant in the face of a new threat. Security aims to stay ... read more..

BPM and the Benenden Healthcare Society - 24 Nov 2009

Health sector case studyBenenden Healthcare Society is a mutual not-for-profit healthcare provider run solely for the benefit of its members. It offers discretionary, non-acute clinical care and tertiary healthcare services primarily to people who work in the public sector. The multi-award winning Benenden Hospital in Kent is an independent hospital ... read more..

What does digital workflow mean for the creative industry? - 24 Nov 2009

As technology trends advance and reliance upon IT infrastructures increases, what effect will this have on the creative industry? With information moving towards the digital domain, Jonathan Morgan, co-founder of software developer Object Matrix, looks at the demise of tape-based archiving and the natural succession of the digital workflow.There seems ... read more..



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