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ITAdviser 59Creating Value

There is little doubt that despite the apparent signs of recovery throughout the UK, for most in IT the future will be challenging. NCC does have a belief that ICT across all businesses in all sectors will play a pivotal role in the post recession recovery. The general theme from our discussions with members is that they remain under huge pressure to change; delivering more with the same, is as good as its going to get over the next twelve months. The stark reality for most is that the expectation on them will be to deliver much more with much less - and to achieve this they will need to reflect on how to deliver differently.

From the NCC's recent Spending Survey the evidence is clear that although IT spending per end-user results show only a slight decrease, it is the prediction for IT growth which clearly reveals the effects of the recession. Respondents are less optimistic about the growth in IT spending over the next year.

Only 42% predicted any increase in IT spending for next year, while 12% predict their IT spending will stay the same and the largest proportion, 46%, reflect a decrease. These cut backs are likely to fall somewhere between 6-12% year on year. You can read the summary on page 18.

Another inescapable challenge for most organisations - public and private sector - is the need to harness the information within the business to create value. You have to ask whether we are leaning any lessons from the past... As far back as the mid 90s we witnessed the rise of an important movement, Knowledge Management - recognition that organisational knowledge, in its various forms and attributes could be an important source of competitive advantage in the marketplace - but somehow there seems to be collective collective failure to really grasp this. Knowledge management really needs to become one of the core competencies in today's competitive environment, where so much value in companies resides in their people, systems, and process...

(ITadviser, Issue 59, Autumn 200)

Data Obfuscation - managing data privacy in development and test environments - 06 Oct 2009

Recent information security breaches have emphasised the need for the effective management of information, especially as it relates to an individual's data privacy. The UK Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) defines the legal basis for the handling of personal data. The Seventh Principle of the DPA ... read more..

Becoming innovative in tough times - 06 Oct 2009

We are all well aware that innovation is key to helping organisations survive and thrive in today's tough economic climate. Academic research post the last downturn showed that innovative organisations had a greater chance of survival and growth during that period of uncertainty. Further, organisations ... read more..

Virtualisation: Evolution of the technology revolution - 30 Sep 2009

When examining the IT technologies with the most potential, one stands out above all others: virtualisation. Put simply, virtualisation allows users to create a very large IT infrastructure for little additional cost in a very short time. Whereas in a 'traditional' IT setup one machine would ... read more..

The journey from grid to cloud computing - 30 Sep 2009

Randy Clark of Platform Computing tracks the evolution of cloud enabling software from its origins in grid and high performance computing. The buzz surrounding Cloud Computing has reached an all time high thanks to intense media interest and the marketing efforts of big brands such as Amazon and Google. According to ... read more..

Towards SRM - 30 Sep 2009

Cirquent's Tim Haigh explains why customer relationship management is evolving to become 'stakeholder' relationship management. Relatively few companies have incorporated customer relationship management technologies effectively, even though the concept has been around for a long time now. Many early adopters failed to implement often highly complex and costly systems successfully, with ... read more..

If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It! - 30 Sep 2009

Gone are the days of a year or so ago where businesses were frivolously splashing the cash on anything from office parties to new offices and bonuses. Even IT was making the most of the spending game, pouring a considerable amount of money into servers, storage and other infrastructure without ... read more..

Collaborating for business success - 30 Sep 2009

Creating a team far greater than the sum of its individual parts. Effective collaboration and communication is one of the leading routes to business success. Research shows that, over the first years of this century, companies with the most effective communications attained a 30 percent increase in results compared to ... read more..

It's time to embrace (and prepare for) the shift to the Cloud - 30 Sep 2009

The software industry is entering another age of astonishing innovation. It's a time when not only is software advancing at an astounding rate, but so are hardware devices - where power is increasing as quickly as size is decreasing, and software and computing power is becoming near ubiquitous. Consider this: a ... read more..

Merging backup and DR for faster recovery - 30 Sep 2009

Fadi Albatal of FalconStor Software considers the limitations and challenges of data recovery and tape backup and suggests continuous data protection (CDP) as a possible solution. For years, information systems disaster recovery (DR) and data protection procedures have consisted of two different technology islands - data protection and tape backup. The ... read more..

Web self-service - a critical customer facing technology - 30 Sep 2009

Exceptional customer service is at the heart of all successful businesses. Being able to deal with incoming queries from existing and potential customers and provide consistent, personalised responses can be the difference between organisational success and failure. IT should be central to this, providing the platform and information to enable ... read more..

Creating value from information - 30 Sep 2009

In a market characterised by rapidly changing technology and increasing global competitive forces, it's no secret that companies can no longer afford to rely on the feature-set of their products or services alone. After all, today's innovation is rapidly becoming tomorrow's industry standard, so organisations must ... read more..

Let's go Agile! What is it, by the way? - 30 Sep 2009

A colleague in the financial services industry was heard recently talking about changes in senior management attitude to budget allocation for projects in the current financial situation. 'It's not impossible to get money these days, but they no longer hand over the large budgets they used ... read more..

The future of business lies in automation - 30 Sep 2009

In today's online business environment, organisations are faced with the challenge of ensuring standards, controls, compliance, consistency and limited exposure to risk. Globalisation and the rapid growth of developing economies such as India and China has intensified competition putting pressure on organisations intellectually and to ... read more..

Securing Britain's Place at the Forefront of the Global Digital Economy - 30 Sep 2009

In the past few years we have seen advancements in the technology and communications sectors that would have been inconceivable a decade ago. Britain is one of the most advanced digital economies in the world, with the digital sectors now accounting for 1 in every 10 ... read more..

Collaborative tools are one way to combat digital clutter - 30 Sep 2009

Brian Green, director of end user computing at Novell, explains how the consumerisation of IT is turning out new tools for organisations to navigate the Web 2.0 workplace The increase in digital clutter has lead to the emergence of collaborative technologies that promise to minimise information overkill and help ... read more..

Turning Adversity into Advantage: Why Business Intelligence is More Critical than Ever - 29 Sep 2009

Rob Ashe, General Manager of Business Intelligence Performance Management at IBM Cognos software, looks at how, by resisting the temptation to cut spending and tighten belts, businesses can emerge from lean economic times in a stronger position. For several months, businesses, governments and consumers have ... read more..

Reaching the Summit of the Workload Mountain - 29 Sep 2009

How IT consultancies can ensure effectiveness and remain competitive in the current market The signs are that the recession may have bottomed out, but it is becoming clear that its impact on business will be severe for some time. Many sectors are feeling acute discomfort, ... read more..

Why analytic organisations do everything better: The promise of analytics - 29 Sep 2009

More than just winning decisions At any given moment within an organisation, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of critical decisions are being made. Decisions that affect the organisation's ability to generate revenue, control expenses, and manage risk while also having a direct impact on both top and bottom ... read more..

Has the shift from traditional retailing to E-commerce been oversold? - 29 Sep 2009

Here we go again. a variety of industry experts and consultants are once more proclaiming that brick-and-mortar retailing is in decline and that e-commerce will soon become the dominant force. Andrew Gorecki, Managing Director at Retail Directions, argues that the future is not about one channel replacing another but about ... read more..

Growing short-term BI Solutions into long-term success - 29 Sep 2009

Business Intelligence (BI) implementations can provide great insight and bring enormous benefits to companies during harsh economic conditions. However, most organisations are only focused on finding solutions to help them get through the immediate business pain rather than working towards the future. Organisations are so ... read more..

Top Ten Tips for Implementing Microsoft SharePoint - 29 Sep 2009

SharePoint is a powerful product but a careful and considered approach is needed for a successful implementation. Ian Woodgate from PointBeyond shares his top 10 tips to help your organisation avoid some of the pitfalls commonly seen. Choosing to implement SharePoint is a ... read more..

Tomorrow's Technology Today - 29 Sep 2009

A billion here, a billion there! A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money.' This quote, attributed to the American politician Everett Dirksen, is certainly apropos the current economic crisis but would seem not to have much to do with making us more productive today! And ... read more..

INDUSTRY NEWS: Autumn 2009 - 29 Sep 2009

RD investment still exists in West Midlands! Despite the majority of ICT businesses in the West Midlands region employing fewer than ten people, almost 500 of them are engaging in research and development, according to a survey by the West Midlands ICT cluster. Even during the recession, 33 percent of the 1,503 ... read more..



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