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EDITORIAL: Governance - a strategic approach

Full alignment with business strategies and business direction is critical if organisational investment in IT is to deliver real value, whilst key risks have to be identified and controlled, and legislative and regulatory compliance must be demonstrated.

All analysts - and most CIOs - currently agree that probably the biggest risk and concern to executives is failing to align IT to real business needs, and a failure to deliver, or be seen to be delivering, value to the business. Since IT can have such a dramatic effect on business performance and competitiveness, a failure to manage IT effectively can have a serious impact on the business as a whole. IT governance covers this and more, and in light of recent corporate failures and the economic downturn, enjoys a far higher profile today than ever before.

Corporate governance generally has taken on even greater significance. It is being recognised that IT has a pivotal role to play in improving corporate governance practices, because critical business processes are usually automated and directors rely on information provided by IT systems for their decision making.

The current climate of cost reduction and budget restriction has resulted in a new norm - there is an expectation that IT resources should always be used as efficiently as possible and that steps are taken to organise these IT resources ready for the next cycle of growth, business innovations and new IT developments. A key aspect of these factors is the increasing use of third party service providers and the need to manage these suppliers properly to avoid costly and damaging service failures.

IT governance covers the culture, organisation, policies and practices that provide this kind of oversight and transparency of IT. The benefits are far reaching - good IT governance not only reduces the cost and damage caused by IT failures, but also engenders greater trust, teamwork and confidence in the use of IT itself and the people trusted with IT services.

In this issue of ITadviser we provide a perspective on developing a strategic approach to IT governance that explores many of the frameworks that exist to support your efforts - and we also take an early look at the new ISO IT governance standard.

Ian Jones
NCC Head of Content

(ITadviser, Issue 56, Winter 2008)

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