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Can IT leaders play a more strategic role?Can IT leaders play a more strategic role?

Three or more decades after this issue was first raised, we are still debating whether CIOs are capable of ‘joining the top table’ of their organisation – and become a fully fledged board member.

Why is this? Surely, after all this time, it must indicate that senior technologists lack some appetite to join and direct the mainstream of their business. Fair enough, you might say. If an IT person wants to stick to what they do best, what does it matter?

But this ignores the fact that over the last 10-20 years especially, the world has become much more technologically focused. You can’t really function in society these days unless you are capable of electronic banking, programming the SatNav, setting the DVD, setting up your mobile phone and tablet (however ‘easy’ this is meant to be) and communicating via text, Facebook, Twitter or Skype.

Likewise in business, if the organisation’s IT leader has not already moved from the backroom to the boardroom, then they will be lagging behind the technology they manage – because the commercial world has shifted from being driven by monolith ERP systems supporting manufacturing minicomputers, LANs and connected desktop computers, to members of the Board becoming reliant on their iPads and smartphones to provide instant access to crucial ‘dashboard-style’ management input and information.

Even if CIOs and IT managers in general wanted to stick to their technology comfort zone, then that comfort zone has already extended itself into every area of their organisation, including the top table.

So perhaps the problem lies in the fact that while non-IT managers – the sales, production, finance and HR directors – have all been forced to adapt and learn technology, too many IT people have still not learned ‘business’? But clearly the gap between the two is getting narrower.

To help you make the leap to playing a more directive role in your organisation, our special report offers advice from business experts such as Ernst & Young, KPMG and PA Consulting (pages 8, 10 and 20). We also review how you can strategically approach today’s main technology issues and trends – big data, the IT skills shortage and mobile computing (pages 12, 22 and 24).

Of course, this guidance applies to all IT professionals in an enterprise, however junior...your colleagues ‘get’ technology, they have to because it is so core to their business and home lives. That means the door is wide open to you playing a more central role in driving your organisation.

Tim Ring
Editorial director
The National Computing Centre Ltd

Members can download a PDF of the whole issue by clicking on any article below and selecting the link at the bottom of the page.

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