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How to make your BYOD and mobile strategy workIT Adviser Winter 2012

There’s no question that mobile and BYOD, the subject of this issue’s special report, is the biggest story in corporate IT at the moment.

The raw enthusiasm among employees to use smartphones and flexible tablets and mini tablets at work is powerful.

And this is combined with the raw energy in the market, as the breakthroughs made by Apple’s iPad and iPhone have been followed up by Samsung’s Galaxy range, Google’s Nexus and now the Big Daddy of them all, Microsoft, back competing head-to-head with Apple through its Surface smartphones and tablets, supported by the latest mobile-optimised version 8 of Windows.

The momentum that all this is creating – which will only escalate next year when Microsoft launches its fully MS Office-compatible Surface device – means the pressure on corporations to adopt enterprise mobile technology is all but irresistible.

So if you can’t beat them, how do you join them?

Our mobile and BYOD report takes you from the first-up development of an enterprise mobility strategy (page 6); through the main issues of ensuring security (page 8) and communicating your mobile policy (page 10); the benefits of BYOD in terms of better business intelligence (page 12); choosing the devices and apps you want to support (page 22); the role of cloud services in this area (page 24); and finally crystal ball gazing at what will happen next year in this market (page 26).

We hope this provides a complete package of information to help you drive your mobile IT strategy; but of course the crucial element is making sure the gain you make is worth all the pain.

That is why getting the upfront strategy right is so important: what are you looking to achieve from enterprise mobile technology? To cut costs, boost productivity or get closer to customers?

IT professionals can play an important role in enabling their organisation to make the most of the technology, by taking a corporate-wide approach to mobility rather than just launching a few piecemeal pilot projects.

Only then can you revert to being the safe pair of hands that ‘the business’ can trust to make the correct calls about which devices, apps and security processes you introduce to make it all happen.

Tim Ring
Editorial director
The National Computing Centre Ltd

Members can download a PDF of the whole issue by clicking on any article below and selecting the link at the bottom of the page.

Industry news – Winter 2012 - 07 Dec 2012

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Jaw, jaw… - 07 Dec 2012

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Bringing BI to life - 07 Dec 2012

LOC Consulting's Richard Savery shows how mobile technologies can be used to free business intelligence (BI) initiatives from many conventional constraints.Business intelligence (BI) has been recognised as a powerful tool for aiding the decision-making process since the 1990s. Effectively implemented, it can improve efficiency and productivity throughout the organisation and ... read more..

Big data 101: a CIO masterclass - 07 Dec 2012

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At the centre – Winter 2012 - 07 Dec 2012

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Price of success - 06 Dec 2012

IT security professionals are fully employed. That sounds good, but actually reflects an unhealthy jobs market, insists John Colley of (ISC)2.The information security profession is defying recessionary economic conditions as those working in the field enjoy upward mobility, salary increases and full employment. That's according to the latest (ISC)2 Career ... read more..

Do’s and don’ts of BYOD - 06 Dec 2012

Mobile technology offers an opportunity and threat. Thomas Coles of MSM Software steers between the two.More than 90% of companies have employees who use personal devices for work in some capacity and this is set to increase further in the next 12 months. The strong upsurge in the number of ... read more..

Drowning in devices? - 06 Dec 2012

How do you manage the mass of different smartphones, tablets and netbooks from different vendors running different operating systems? Dave Akka of Magic Software has the answer.The rise in mobile and flexible working practices has become a revolution, driven largely by employees themselves and the bring your own device (BYOD) ... read more..

Mobiles cast a cloud - 06 Dec 2012

Steve Turner of Intergence assesses the impact of mobile devices on companies' use of cloud services.More and more businesses are creating custom applications for mobile devices to achieve tasks which have until now required high-performance desktop PCs and this is enabling a more mobile workforce whose only requirement is ... read more..

Tracking the twists and turns - 06 Dec 2012

Enterprise mobile and BOYD is a fast-moving area with frequent new devices, apps, services and platform launches. Andy Jacques of Good Technology forecasts what's likely to happen over the next 12 months.More and more businesses across multiple industries are embracing mobility as a strategy for boosting productivity, meeting financial objectives ... read more..

Seven deadly sins of business process management - 06 Dec 2012

Matt Smith of Software AG shows how to avoid the common pitfalls in implementing business process management solutions.Companies of all sizes, industry sectors and geographies have a business model, processes and IT applications. The business model reflects the organisation's business plan, products and services, key markets and customers and ... read more..

Is it a disaster darling? - 06 Dec 2012

Despite recent promptings like riots, bad weather and fears of disruption from the Olympics, most companies' disaster recovery plans are still flawed, says Sovereign's Richard Barker.The last two years have not been the easiest for businesses. 2011's social unrest, the riots seen in many major cities and the harsher-than-normal winter ... read more..

Why agility is such a stretch - 06 Dec 2012

David Sherriff of Microgen examines the challenges to businesses reaching the much-vaunted state of enterprise agility.Enterprise agility is a term that is frequently used in business today. But what it actually looks like and how businesses can achieve it often remains a mystery.True agility is more than a project methodology ... read more..

Wall of pain - 06 Dec 2012

Virtualisation, Limited Separation or Walled Garden? There's only one winner when it comes to driving your BYOD policy, says Gary Cornell.Let me begin by saying that much of what I say here has been influenced by the excellent US government site: I don't agree with everything they say or ... read more..



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