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Workforce mobility and flexible workingFinancial pressures are stimulating organisations to divest expensive office space and to consider remote working. The technology to enable effective remote and mobile working is now widely available, including smartphones, tablets and unified comms, but effecting the change can be a significant challenge.

Many organisations have dabbled with ‘smart office’ and flexible working initiatives but few have yet achieved serious business benefits. There have been many false starts and initiatives showing little return on the often considerable investments in technology and at worst some alienation of staff and management.

Success is clearly not just about getting the right technology solutions but having a clear business focused strategy, and implementing new processes that have the full support of management and staff through effectively managing cultural change. Our approach to remote working is holistic, our consultants have a wealth of expertise in devising effective remote working strategies, managing cultural change, addressing security and legal considerations as well as in platform selection and technical route-map development. We can help you:

  • Build a business case for remote working.
  • Put together an effective remote working strategy.
  • Address the security and legal considerations, including issues around the consumerisation of IT devices.
  • Establish the right culture for successful remote working.
  • Assess technology options for remote working such as virtualisation and cloud.
  • Help you put together a technology roadmap.
  • By independently validating your own plans.
  • Avoid costly mistakes by getting advice from experienced mobility professionals.

Assignment examples:

Business Case Development
Flexible working had been on the agenda for several years in this council but progress had been limited to small pockets within the council. Organisational, management and cultural issues, rather than technology, were seen as the barriers to the take-up of flexible working. Our consultant developed a business case evaluating different options to maximise value for money through reductions in office space while improving service provision to the citizens of the council.

Culture Change
Remote working was part of a package of measures to reduce the need to travel to work, making the council’s roads and car parking areas less congested. In particular, the council wished to reduce requirement for office floor space and become a local exemplar by demonstrating the application of more sustainable working practices.
In order to realise the aims and objectives of the strategy, our consultant recommended a training programme to stimulate management and staff to embrace innovative working methods. He was asked to run a series of facilitated training sessions with managers and staff in departments piloting the homeworking initiative.

Assessment of technology and security requirements for remote working
This government agency wished to adopt flexible working to increase its efficiency and release office space. Our consultant conducted a wide-ranging consultation exercise to capture the issues and priorities of all stakeholders in the organisation. He:

  • Analysed business and user requirements.
  • Reviewed current practices.
  • Sought CESG guidance on secure remote working best practice.
  • Investigated alternative remote working models.
  • Carried out an options appraisal on technology options.

A number of technology options were considered. In each case the needs of the different work styles were addressed.

The National Computing Centre has a 45 year track record in helping organisations deliver cost-effective IT solutions. We are independent of any supplier, impartial, expert and trusted. We have a portfolio of consultancy services that can help you optimise your IT, reduce costs, gain flexibility and improve competitive edge.

Consultancy from the National Computing Centre
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