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Open Source for the ICT Hub

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NCC has been commissioned to increase awareness of open source and free software in the UK voluntary and community sector (VCS) by the ICT Hub, which is funded by the Home Office under the Change-Up Programme and aims to improve the sector's ICT infrastructure.
This new open source initiative will help local community groups benefit from free and open source technology and will help open source suppliers meet the sector's growing expectations.
We wish to tell people within the VCS about open source and to challenge myths and discuss it as a worthwhile option in improving ICT use. To this end we would like to work with suitable groups across England. These may include (but are not limited to) open source service and software suppliers, local Linux User Groups (LUG's) and VCS organisations who show best-practice in the use of open source technology and can help other organisations within the sector. We are also working with a number of open source software projects and communities to see if and how they can share their experience in meeting the sector’s needs. Out of this will come case-studies, guidelines on best-practice, and other such helpful articles and outputs.
As part of this project, we are also offering specialist open source software help and advice for the sector via the ICT Hub Help Desk who can be contacted on 0800 652 4737. The experience gained through this will be shared by way of FAQ's and articles.
At the end of this project we wish to see open source support clearly signposted in every region, and in many sub regions. These will be places where VCS organisations go to get support. They will also be a central focus for organisations (companies and volunteers) who can provide open source support to the VCS. As a first step we are looking to identify regional open source projects and people and organisations who have contacts in the VCS and open source communities who want to work towards building up this support network. If you have any views on anything mentioned here, please get in touch with us.
The team at NCC heading up this work includes Dave Nichols and Mark Brier:
Dave Nichols is leading the project and has 30 years experience in the VCS. He has had many roles in ICT including being a national trainer and ICT Manager of a large CVS. He recently headed up MOST (Midlands Open Source Technology), one of the largest free and open source voluntary sector projects in the UK. He is looking forward to using this experience and bringing awareness of this technology to the widest audience.
Mark Brier is technical support for the project. As an accomplished technician using open source software both at the server and the desktop level he brings experience of running NCC's Open Source National Lab to the project. He will be putting together demonstration packages for delivery at events and supporting the ICT Help Desk as described above.
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