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Just how 'pro' are the new MacBook Pro and Surface Studio? Not very...

From ZDNet

"We've known what 'professional' computers have looked like for at least 40 years and neither the new Apple MacBook Pro 15 nor Microsoft's Surface Studio fit the bill. Both products sacrifice performance, functionality and upgradability for appearance. This is not to say they can't be used for professional purposes. They can. However, both designs sacrifice things that are important, in the long run, for things that are not.

Apple's MacBook Pro 15 got a fairly hostile reception from pro users because it's clearly a consumer-oriented laptop at a very high price. Yes, it's thinner and lighter than the model it replaces, but how many pro users really care? People who want a really portable computer have many other thinner, lighter and cheaper alternatives.

The things that would benefit real professionals include the ability to expand memory above 16GB, the option to swap out the SSD for something bigger and ports that are actually compatible with the peripherals they already own. The MacBook Pro 15 offers none of those. In fact, you may have to be extra careful because if the motherboard dies, it looks as though it takes your data with it. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Microsoft's Surface Studio is a more novel and much more attractive product for creative types such as illustrators, musicians, photo editors, designers and writers – including, obviously, current iMac/Wacom users. But while it's small and cute, it doesn't provide for the sort of upgrade path you got with a cheap Dell or HP tower system decades ago.”

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