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After 30 years, why did the Mac never break into big business?

From ZDNet

"Mac versus PC.

If you want to stir up an epic online fight, that's been the recipe for 30 years. The ongoing battle has also made for some memorable TV ads over the past decade. But in reality, despite the often harsh rhetoric, it's never really been a contest.

After 30 years, Apple's share of the PC market is still in single digits, percentage-wise. In its history, the Mac product line has sold more than 5 million units in a quarter only once. Last quarter, Apple shipped 4.8 million total units of its Mac product line. The PC industry – you know, the one that’s in decline – ships that many Windows machines in less than a week.

So why have Mac sales never expanded beyond those minuscule numbers? Blame the enterprise, which has been the engine for PC sales for many years. Yes, Macs have found a solid niche in graphics and video production departments (although even that stronghold is weak these days with feature parity of production apps on Windows-based devices).

When I look at the modern enterprise, I see six reasons why Windows desktops still dominate and Macs are still outsiders.”

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