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Results of NCC Members Question: Using iPads securely in the enterprise

Results of NCC Member's Question: Issued 20 June 2012

NCC Members can ask relevant questions of the wider NCC membership, moderated by NCC. We collate the responses, where appropriate anonymise them, then publish the results on the website for the benefit of the wider Membership. Can you help with this question from a standards body?

"Is anyone deploying iPads at a corporate scale and, if so, how are they managing the data security aspects, what collaboration (email, calendar, etc) tools are they using and what are the key enabling services and applications that they use?"

Number of responses: 3

Please note that these are responses from NCC Member organisations. NCC is not responsible for views expressed and does not recommend any particular supplier. NCC can provide respondent contact details should you wish to discuss further.

From a provider of business support services

"We have recently developed a service to roll out iPads (and potentially any mobile device) on a corporate scale to clients. The key to managing the security and support tasks this requires is a central command and control infrastructure, based on market-leading MDM (mobile device management) tools.

This provides confidence and control that sensitive data is secure and protected by implementing robust device hardware encryption (AES256 bit-level encryption) with ‘remote wipe’ functionality, and effectively sandboxing the native collaboration tools (email, calendar) so they remain fully functional, while data is restricted to the device and not shared/stored on non-corporate devices. Also, there are options to provision tools to securely connect to the corporate network to access SharePoint sites and the like through secure VPN channels. Development of a corporate ‘app store’ gives control to clients over the applications they want users to be able to deploy or to be deployed by default through profile management, as well as centrally managing administrative tasks like software updates and security patches.

We will be building a corporate app store where we will whitelist apps to make them available."

From a pensions company and a premiership football club

These two organisations with experience of using iPads securely in the enterprise offered help and information to the member in question on a one-to-one basis. Any members interested in the advice given should email

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