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Cake Solutions Agile World Conference

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Practical view on the agile process, financials & teams
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Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in or responsible for the software development process in your organisation, either from the technical or the business side. The conference will be split in to two tracks, new to agile and those who want to improve their agile process.

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Agile project management practices are becoming the standard in the software industry. Is it because agile techniques are so much better than more traditional project management approaches or is it because the old project management methods have a reputation for failing to deliver? The reality is probably a combination of both.

This seminar will show how you can introduce agile methods into your organisation: how to get the buy-in from the business, how to get the approval of the technical team and the steps you need to take to make all your projects successful. The session will also look at agile projects from a business perspective, demonstrating that agile projects bring not only technical excellence and predictable results, but also improved financial control.

In short, you will learn about how to adopt an agile approach, how to keep agile projects running alongside traditional projects and how to ensure that the management receives the correct information about the status and progress of your project portfolio. Agile project and financial management is based on proven business management principles, not just anecdotal evidence and corporate inertia.

Presentation and workshop details

The Morning Session (9am to 1pm)

The Keynote (9am to 10am)

The Keynote talk will be presented by Jan Machacek and Ian Brookes.

Agile promises to solve all problems in project delivery: the customers will be happy, the quality will rise, the project teams work flawlessly. In their keynote speech, Jan and Ian will explain that agile is not a wonderland that magically whisks projects to success. However, when implemented properly and when taken seriously, agile can bring far-reaching changes to entire organisations. The keynote will set the tone for the entire conference: agile, when done properly and when adopted in the entire organisation, is the best possible way to deliver successful projects in an ever-changing world

Following the keynote, the morning session will include two tracks, the first track with talks for companies considering adopting agile and the second track for those that already use it but want to improve their agile process. more...

Track 1 - New to Agile  (10am to 1pm)

  • The agile process - presented by Jan Machacek
  • Agile Financial Times - presented by Ian Brookes
  • Agile and the public sector

Track 2 - Improving Agile (10am to 1pm)

  • Agile meetings/reviews 
  • Agile testing techniques - presented by Gav Winter 'The Test People'
  • Agile teams - presented by Ian Brookes
  • Shop Direct Group - Case Study presented by Christine Auton

The Afternoon Session (2pm to 5pm)

The afternoon session is all about putting agile in to practice and will also be split into 2 tracks, first track with talks for companies considering adopting agile and the second track for those that already use it but want to improve their agile process.

Our workshops will give you a hands-on practical insight into the methods and practices that the agile project delivery requires to be integrated into your business successfully.

Track 1 - New to Agile

  • Agile Financial Times - presented by Ian Brookes
    A unique insight into how you can achieve cost savings by developing software in an agile methodology instead of the traditional development approach. more...
  • Product Backlog / Planning Poker & Estimating - presented by Jan Machacek
    How to manage your product backlog and estimate projects in the agile method. more...
  • Agile Meetings - presented by Christine Auton
    How to manage an agile development team and more importantly – keep them agile! more...
    • Morning stand up
    • Sprint planning
    • Sprint review
    • Sprint retrospective

Track 2 - Improving agile

  • Agile Teams  - presented by Ian Brookes
    Drawn from our own research in a number of agile case studies as well as other breakthrough team successes in sport, the emergency services and the military, we’ve developed the resulting insights into a framework to build a Breakthrough Agile Team in your organisation. more...
  •  Agile Contracts  presented by Ian Brookes
    We address the age-old question - “how can you manage contracts and tenders” whilst still keeping agile? more...
  • Non Functional Requirements (NFR) presented by Capgemini
    A workshop to help people identify, NFRs and get them surfaced in the backlog as technical stories stated in a way that makes them testable.

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Early bird rate £99.00 ex VAT per person until 22 July 2011
£149.00 ex VAT thereafter

If you require an invoice sending, please email us ( directly with details of how many people will be attending & we will regisiter you manually.


Thursday 15 September 2011, from 8:30am to 5:30pm


Alea Casino - Leeds
4 The Boulevard
Clarence Dock
Leeds LS10 1PZ
United Kingdom
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